How To Run Scan Disk

Windows NT/2000 or XP:

Step one:

Double click on the My Computer icon. Right mouse click on the [C:] drive. Select properties from the drop down box.

Step two:

 An active window "[C:] properties" will appear (Verify that the free space is at least 100MB, if not remove any unneeded documents or applications and empty the Recycle Bin To empty recycle bin, right mouse click on the desktop icon and follow select appropriately.  If your Drive does not have enough room to operate swapping files,  it will crash eventually).

Select the tools tab on the upper left corner.

Step three:

Select the check now button from the "error-checking status" section.

Step four:

Select automatically fix file system errors and scan for and attempt recovery of bad sectors. Click on Start.

Step five:

A dialog box labeled Checking Disk C:\ will appear. Select Yes. This will enable your computer to run Scandisk once it is restarted.

Step six:

Restart your computer. A message will appear that Scandisk will start in 15 seconds. Do not press any keys. Note: You may wish to restart you computer at a convenient time as scandisk can take up to 45 minutes or more to complete depending on the size of your hard drive. You may wish to run Disk Defragmenter after completing ScanDisk. Go to the Windows Help  page for InstructionsIt may take much longer and overnight might be advisable, starting it just before you leave.