How To Run Defragmentation

Windows 95 or 98:

Step one:

This may take hours on older computers. You may wish to start just before you go home
and run the procedure over night.

Double click on the My Computer icon on your desktop.

Right mouse click on the [C:] drive. Select  properties from the drop down box options.

Step two:

 A dialog box named  [C:] Properties  will appear  (Verify that the free space is at least 100MB, if not remove any unneeded documents or applications and empty the Recycle Bin.  To empty recycle bin, right mouse click on the desktop icon and follow select appropriately.   If your Drive does not have enough room to operate swapping files,  it will crash eventually).  Select the Tools tab on the upper left corner.

Step three:

Select the Defragment Now button from the [C:] Properties window near the bottom of the active window. This should be ran about every 30 days.

Step four:

A dialog box labeled Defragmenting Drive C: will appear (If a dialog box stating that your Drive does not need defragmenting, select the Defragment Anyway button). Next select the show details button (this will allow you a visual representation of the Defragmentation process). When Defragmentation is complete a dialog box will appear. Select close. Note: The time it takes to defragment is dependent on how fragmented your drive is and when the last time you ran the defragmenter utility. The more often you run it the quicker it will be).