Most common Questions for Network Services :


  1. I can not dial in:

A)   You may be using wrong phone dialup number. Check at 816 RAS.

B)  Your password is case sensitive.

C)  Did you recently change your password?  Network Services can

          reset your passord but passwords are only reset in person;

          Go to RAS 816 with your Student ID.

D)  Did you start from a full set of Instructions ?



  1. My Computer is not connected to Network; My Internet Explorer doesn’t work :

                   A)  Try instructions at:        


                     B) Do you have a new computer at new location? Wall port may not be active.

                      C) If Email works and Internet Explorer doesn’t you may be going to a site that

                            is temporarily down.

         or I cannot print:

                     If Network printer – check that it has a valid IP #, not one beginning with 192.x.x.x

                     If shared printer, make sure controlling computer is on and has a valid

                                 user logged on. Printer must have paper and not be jammed.

  1. I can not send email:



  1. My computer seems slow today:


  1. I think I have a virus.

                  Did you receive an email saying that the Server caught and removed a virus?

                          The email will begin with a from address of  “GSESPHNT”

                  Maybe an outside Mail Server told you incorrectly you have a virus because

your returned address was forged on an email, which is what virii now do.

                        If there is reason to believe you have a virus, unplug the network cable, check 

                            that your  antivirus is up to date (use CD if necessary to update) and 

                            run a full scan (all files) of  all Hard Drives they have.

  1. I got some inappropriate mail (or SPAM mail).

                   Follow instructions on


                    to assist in Blocking bad email.


  1. I need a Network Account /Email account

                   Call Cindy Bell x 9539 and go to RAS 816 to create a new account, provided you

have valid ID badge, or if visitor your Sponsor cosigns application


  1. I need permission to dial in.

Everyone has permission to dial in. 

We can doublecheck their account to verify that is the case. Call x9539

Then follow instructions at:  and obtain dialup # at room RAS 816.


  1. Outside of UTSPH: I can not connect/dialin/get my email anymore:

                  Maybe your password has expired ?


                  Did you recently graduate or are no longer a student?

                  Also, check as in number 1. above


  1. We just got a new computer in our office:

Call x 9060 and schedule them to install. 

You should not connect to network yourself !


  1. I want to listen to music over the Internet, I know other folks do.

                 That is inappropriate:



  1. I need you to install my bosses copy of (xxx  ie. Visio,  Photoshop etc, so I can edit her files

            Likely you need to buy an additional copy or license: