Why do I keep getting message saying my mailbox is full!!#$#%!!!


Do you often get messages telling you that your email has exceeded its limit on the server? Everyone is allotted a finite amount of space on the server for email. If your total exceeds what you are allotted, it triggers an automatic warning message. If you exceed your quota by too much, all of your outgoing messages will be blocked until you clean up your mailbox.

Find "Outlook Today" at the top of your list of mail folders. Everything under Outlook Today (Inbox, Calendar, Contacts, Sent mail, Deleted items, etc.) is stored on the server and takes up space there.

Here are some tips for managing email:

Right-click Outlook Today and select Properties from the menu. Click the Folder Size button. This will show the total size of all mail objects, as well as the size of each folder — you can easily see which folders are taking up the most space.
Close the Properties window; now look down the list on the left side of the window and see if you have something called "Personal Folders". Anything in Personal Folders is stored on your own hard drive and does not take up any space on the server. Drag messages you want to save from the Inbox into Personal Folders.
When you clean out old messages, don't forget to clean the Sent Items folder too.
After you have cleaned all the other folders, don't forget to empty your Deleted Items folder.
One or two large attachments can fill up your mail quota on the server – especially things like Powerpoint files, graphics files, or anything animated. If you get a large attachment that you want to keep, drag the message into your Personal Folder instead of leaving it on the server.

You can store many times the amount of files you are allowed on the Server in Personal Folders on your Hard Drive. You are only limited by the size of your Hard Drive. Right click on “Personal Folders”, select “New Folder” and create as many Folders as you need to organize saved email. Folders may be by Project, Year, Department or however you wish to organize saved email. One can simply drag and drop email messages from their INBOX to these Personal Folders to free up space on the UTSPH Email Server. One gotcha: If an email is moved from your Inbox (On the Server) to a Personal Folder on your Hard Drive it is then not available over the web or from home.