Macintosh Dialup How to connect to the Macintosh Server at UTSPH
(System 8.0 or later)
(The Macintosh equivalent of the UTSPH "V" Drive)

        1. Under the Apple (Upper left hand Corner)
            Select Chooser.
        2. Select AppleShare on the left.
        3. Select SPHNT14 on the right, and click OK.
        4. Click OK again.
        5.  Enter your Network Username and Password
                  (same as you'd use for UTSPH email)
        6. Click OK to select MacFiles
        7. Double click on the MacFiles Icon to browse
              contents of Server. It contains UT Licensed software,
              Shareware and "Freeware" (software with no cost).
              i.e.: Microsoft Office; Virex AntiVirus software,
                      Word Perfect, System Updates, etc