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Currency Conversions

Deals, Coupons
File Search on the Internet
Find things not on the Web
"Free" stuff on the Internet
"Free" stuff on the Internet # 2
Get Free E-Mail Accounts
Google Usenet Search
How to use the Internet for Research
Online Newspapers
PC Support
Search Strategies
Software Search
URL for Free
US People Finder
US Stock Market
Yahoo!  Best all around Start Page (IMHO)

Links to Links

Get a Cable modem, go to Jail
101 Most Useful Web Sites

"Essential" Links
Kibo's Useful Linkery

Links on 64 bit Computing
Linux Links
Macintouch's Macintosh Links
Modified list of some of my

    son's favorite Links
TCP/IP Resources Links
Useless Web Pages
Hawaii Web Cam

SKY REPORT! Digital Broadcast News 
DirecTv ProgramGuide 

Tivo FAQ

PC / NT 

Bugs in Windows 7

Change Font size on Screen
Compaq Outlet Store
Dell Factory Outlet
DSL Internet in Houston
Device Drivers
Eudora Email software 
Free Agent - News Reader software 

Free FTP software
Get a Refund for Windows 
HP Printer Software
IBM Refurbished PCs
Joke Wallpaper
Linux for PCs
PC Magazine: (Downloads)
Region-Free DVD Drives
Remove Internet Explorer from Windows 7
Shareware! - Jumbo 
Troubleshooting Windows

Windows Task List (What are those things?)
Windows Shareware (Tucows)
Windows patches from Microsoft


Apple Clearance/Refurbished
Apple's Store
Apple Tech Info Library
Apple's Stock Price
Apple Info-Mac
DVD-RAM on a Macintosh
Free FTP software for Macintosh
Houston Area Apple Users Group
iXMicro Drivers
Macintosh in a Windows Domain
Macintosh EvangeList
MacInTouch Home Page
Mac Rumors
Mac OS X
Macintosh Shareware
MacUser / UK
The Unoffical Apple Weblog
Usenet Reader for Macintosh


All-in-One Search Page
Baby Name Finder
Buttons, Make your own Web Page
Cajun Sparkle
Check your Website
Computer pieces/parts
Copycat Recipes
Discount prices. Electronic/computer
Fight Spam on the Internet!
Free New York City
French Horn
Hotwire   Good for Car Rentals
Internet Hoaxes
Internet Hoaxes 2nd link
Jeopardy - Play Jeopardy On Your
Nerdy Current Affairs - Slashdot
Prisoner Appreciation Society

Recipe Links

Record Vinyl Records onto CD

Save on buying Euros for Europe

Save 3% Currency Translation Fees

Shakey's Pizza

Sharing an Internet Connection

Tivo Upgrade

Travelocity  Plane tickets

Bluetooth FAQ

Cable Modem FAQs
CD-R Media FAQ
CD-R Recording FAQ

Block Cookies
Dr. Pepper FAQ
Dr. Pepper Imposters

Fake Dr. Pepper Land
Find people's E-mail addresses
Free WiFi locations

"Free" ATT WiFi Locations

How to Receive Banned

    Newsgroups FAQ (1994)


Internet Junk Buster FAQ

iPhone FAQ
Kool-Aid FAQ
Linux FAQ
List of Macintosh FAQs
PGP FAQ Pretty Good Privacy 
List of Usenet FAQs

Splenda FAQ

Tony Chachere

Warp Drive FAQ

WiFi Security

Windows 2008 FAQs
Windows 7 FAQ